Understanding the Mental Health Provider’s Role: Puberty Blockers and Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

2023-12-04T04:21:52-08:00Digital Courses|

This Webinar will help mental health providers understand the approach to treatment, what to explore in an assessment, and what needs to be addressed when referring gender diverse youth for puberty suppression or adolescents and adults for gender affirming hormone therapy even in complex cases or when co-occurring mental health symptoms are present.

Eunuch & Non-Binary Assessment

2023-12-04T04:28:02-08:00Digital Courses|

This Course will help mental health providers who work with nonbinary or eunuch people across the life span navigate the latest changes in the WPATH Standards of Care, version 8 and know how to implement them in your practice and evaluations with these populations. It will also help any provider managing complex cases understand when a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment is called for and when it’s not.

Adolescent & Family Assessment

2023-12-04T04:31:06-08:00Digital Courses|

SoC8 Changes in expectations for mental health providers working with youth, Adolescent cognitive development and medical decision making, An overview of gender development, Changes in guidelines for assessment of adolescents, An overview of adolescent biopsychosocial assessments, The inclusion of multidisciplinary teams and family, How to navigate the transition from SoC7 to SoC8 with youth & families, Case examples

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