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Advanced Coaching and Mentorship

Take your practice beyond the basics, access the keys to a thriving gender affirming practice, and manage even the most challenging cases and relationships with confidence in this unique and nurturing coaching and mentorship program.

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A Special Focus on Families

The Gender Health Training Institute is dedicated to helping clinicians provide gender affirming care to their transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive clients that includes a special focus on couples and families, as well as communities and various systems of care. With our Coaching and Mentorship Program, we dive deeply into an understanding of both your trans clients’ and their families’ journeys alongside your own clinical gender journeys to help you provide competent care with confidence and cultural humility while avoiding the ethical pitfalls along the way.

Hello all,

I’m Dr. Shawn Giammattei with the Gender Health Training Institute

If you don’t know me, I am a clinical family psychologist and WPATH certified mentor who is dedicated to helping therapists build thriving gender affirmative practices while navigating the quickly changing world of transgender health so that your trans clients and their families can build stronger connections and live with authenticity.

I have been contacted by therapists all over the country asking for consultations and mentorship to help provide gender affirming care in complex situations with their trans clients, especially young people and couples whose parents or partners are less than supportive. I am hearing that it’s REALLY hard to get in-depth training beyond the basics…

and forget about getting anything personalized or interactive.

As someone who regularly teaches courses and leads trainings for therapists and parents, is involved in research and scholarship on trans health, and is a member of the transgender community, I am uniquely qualified to take clinicians on a deeper dive into the topic of gender health and help them move from uncertainty to confidence on their own journey as a gender affirming therapist.

I would love the opportunity to show you how and share what I have learned along the way…

Shawn V Giammattei, PhD

5 Phases on the Journey
from Uncertainty to Confidence as a Gender Affirmative Therapist:

Gender Affirmative Therapist

Addressing Common Struggles on the Journey

If you’re like me, you became a therapist to help people live better lives.

Yet, many people out there don’t see us that way, especially trans people and their families.

Have you ever struggled to counsel gender expansive youth who are primarily suffering from the negative attitudes of others, especially when their parents don’t accept who they are or who they are becoming?

Have you ever wondered how to reach clients in rural areas where kids are still killing themselves because they can’t find anyone supportive or affirming to help them navigate gender exploration?

Have you spent significant time conducting a gender health evaluation, written a powerful referral letter for medical treatment, only to have insurance companies deny coverage?

Have you ever had a parent or partner walk out of your office, refusing to work with you because you are supporting your trans client’s identity? Or been frustrated with family members who aren’t engaged and won’t commit to treatment?

Have you felt like your clients think you have become a part of the evil empire, either intent to harm them, block them from what they need, or as many families, parents, partners think…to push our own agenda on their loved one?

I could go on and on about how we ended up here, but there is a way out of that paradigm.

It takes a little time, some education, support, networking, and self exploration but it is doable.

You can confidently…

  • work with the most challenging cases and family members
  • avoid the common missteps when providing a gender health evaluations
  • provide letters of readiness for medical treatment
  • affirmatively navigate the current political strife and the new telehealth economy

and you can do all of this while running a lucrative practice that doesn’t exploit the transgender community!

How This Unique Coaching and Mentorship Program Works

Gender Affirming Practice

Access to Dr. Giammattei and colleagues through a private and secure membership site allowing us to support one another throughout the week, pose questions, and access resources easily

  • Trainings are designed for you based on the content you request.
  • Each module is designed to address the content you need on your Clinical Gender Journey and current phase you are in.
  • All modules contain tools & resources you can implement immediately.
  • Training modules include a 1-hour didactic and a 90 min consultation each month

Receive support directly from Shawn and your colleagues to help you with application of the material and complex cases.

These Practical Tools And Exercises Will Take You To The Next Level Of Personal And Professional Growth.

Don’t Worry They Aren’t Graded!

Can’t Make the Meetings Each Month? Need To Arrive Late, Or Leave Early? No Problem.

  • You Get Access To All Of The Calls and Modules Including Personalized Trainings So You Can Go At Your Own Speed, Or To Watch a Training or Consultation Again.
  • All Recordings Are Housed On a Private and Secure Hub That Is Easily Searchable.
  • For CEs you must be present for the live training modules. Homestudy options for CEs will be available separately.
  • Exclusive access to training videos and articles that are only available to GHTI Coaching/Mentorship Clients…
  • As well as a 60 minute didactic training of a module each month devoted specifically to the needs of members of the group.
  • Monthly office hours devoted to answering your questions about trainings and a Mastermind group for trying out new material.
  • Exclusive access to GHTI’s Library of Digital Courses.
  • Continuing Education and WPATH Mentorship Units Available.
  • As a Member of the GHTI Advanced Coaching/Mentorship Program You Have Free VIP Access to All Live Courses and Workshops…
  • And VIP Pricing on Advanced Specialty Courses and Assessments as They Come Available.

Receive 15 hours of continuing education credits for every 6 month cycle.

The Gender Health Training Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Gender Health Training Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

CEs are available for all mental health providers in most states, check with your licensing body to verify.

To receive CE credit for coaching, you must be present throughout the live trainings for all 15 hours.

Digital courses that also offer CEs are a separate offer from this. As a coaching client you will have access to this library for free.

  • Gender Affirmative Therapist Directory Listing
  • Gender Affirming Assessment Tools Database
  • Live, In Person Mastermind Retreats
  • Certification

Here is Some of What You’ll Discover

  • How your own gender journey influences your work.
  • How to understand the complexity of gender diversity, intersections of identity, experience of gender dysphoria, and contextual factors that influence your work with gender expansive clients.
  • How to decipher the research which shows that moving forward with transition may help psychological challenges as well as the challenges to this research.
  • How to work with an interdisciplinary team who are struggling to conceptualize and incorporate gender-related factors into treatment or even use the right pronouns.
  • How to work affirmatively with a couple when a spouse comes out as trans while simultaneously honoring a cisgender partner’s process.
  • How to respectfully work with family members who are struggling to think about gender differently and aren’t yet supportive of their trans family member’s gender identification while still supporting your trans client.
  • How to build a thriving gender affirmative practice without exploiting the transgender community
  • And much, much, more…

How much does it cost?

Save $300 and pay $2700 for 6 months (that’s $450 a month)

3 monthly installments of $950 (that’s $475 monthly)

and stay locked in at that monthly price thereafter as long as you stay a member, even when the price goes up.

There is no risk for applying to the program.

What’s Next?

Of course, the cost of a coaching and mentorship program like this isn’t cheap.

As I think about it, my university students have paid over $8000 dollars for courses that cover only the surface of the training components I will be offering in-depth in this program.

My individual and group coaching fees for the year run around $9,000 – $12,000.

My additional online courses and live trainings, and CEs which will be made available over the year are worth more than $10,000.

In total, the cost of this program should be over $30,000.

Since I want to do my best to make it financially accessible, I am not going to ask you to pay $30,000 for this program.

Instead, I am going to offer this to you as a 6-month program for $2700, then $450 monthly thereafter.

That’s over 75% savings!

There are a couple of other payment options available to you…

1) Pay 3 monthly installments of $950 and then $475 monthly thereafter

2) or if paying all at once is a bit steep, you can pay $500 a month (with a 6 month commitment)

Gender Affirmative Therapist

Here’s how this works:

While I would love to include everyone in this program, space is limited to ensure you get the attention you need to make this the best learning experience for you.

Due to interest in this program and to make sure we are a good fit there is an application process before you can join the program.

Your next Steps:

1) Click the button below

2) Complete the application

3) and schedule a call with me

During the call we will discuss the program, what your needs are, and if this is a good fit, we’ll sign you up.

Save $300 and pay $2700 for 6 months
(that’s $450 a month)

3 monthly installments of $950
(that’s $475 monthly)


$500 monthly

and stay locked in at that monthly price thereafter as long as you stay a member, even when the price goes up.

Applied Specifically To Your Situation and Level of Knowledge, This Program Can Take You from Uncertainty to Confidence as a Gender Affirmative Therapist.

The GHTI Coaching and Mentorship Program…

  • it is individualized to based on the participants in the group and your needs
  • ask any question and have control over the scope of the training
  • provides personalized content and exercises based on where you are on your own gender journey and the type of clients you work with
  • uncovering the key self-of-the-therapist knowledge necessary in this work
  • understand how your own histories and biases both enhance and get in the way of your work
  • fills in the gaps in your knowledge base
  • Experientially dive deeper into your understandings of gender, gender identity, gender incongruence and more.
  • develop the skills to work confidently with couples and families
  • know exactly what to explore in your gender health evaluations
  • write letters that invovle the appopriate information given the scope of the letter
  • know when to write letters for medical interventions and when these are contraindicated
  • understand the complexity of co-occurring difficulties  and how this influences treatment and access to care
  • use the techniques and content necessary for medical necessity required by insurance companies and manage appeals.
  • Access the materials, resources, trainings, and get answers when you need them
  • Ask questions anytime and get prompt feedback
  • Dr. G will bring you content that is both scientifically sound as well as personal
  • He will share techniques for deciphering data and how to find what is accurate
  • the skill set necessary for working with difficult systems, families, and partners
  • And be readily available to answer any questions
  • Learn alongside others in the same position as you or possibly further along.
  • Regularly think through cases together with other clinicians
  • Become part of a community of like-minded individuals
  • Explores the nuances of working with dismissive family members
  • Unique experiences of partners and parents
  • Distinguishing between gender dysphoria, gender noise, and other co-occuring issues when things are not straight forward
  • Treating trauma and understanding how this is expressed in the trans community
  • working with neurodiversity

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an advanced 6-Month experiential and didactic training program for psychologists and mental health providers who work with transgender, non-binary, gender expansive people and their families providing culturally attuned, gender-affirmative, family-oriented care. The CE portion of the program involves 2 meetings a month, 1-60 min didactic training and 1- 90 min discussion & integration, including experiential exercises designed to deepen mental health providers’ knowledge of gender affirming care, family systems & trauma work, integrating the WPATH Standards of Care, gender health evaluations, referral letters, working with co-occurring mental health and developmental issues, and developing multidisciplinary teams to support transgender, non-binary, gender expansive people and their families.  Throughout each month there are 2 additional 60 min meetings that participants are not required to attend but offers support and guidance with the program materials. Participants must have a thorough understanding of the basics of gender affirming care/gender literacy (gender 101) to participate in this program.

Each 6-month cycle is designed to move participants from the stage they are in currently to the next phase on their clinical gender journey. Participants will receive training, support, and consultation along with experiential exercises to help them work in a culturally attuned and gender affirmative way with their most challenging gender-diverse clients and their families. The program will help them avoid the most common missteps when providing gender health evaluations and medical referral letters, utilizing the latest Standards of Care and APA guidelines.  Participants will receive training on working affirmatively with common co-occurring issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, suicidality, neurodivergence, and the various intersections of identity a client or family may hold. The keys to working with the trauma inherent in this community, integrating a trauma-informed and family systems approach to treatment, and how to advocate for their clients in a hostile political climate will be explored. For those who are more advanced, this program offers an opportunity to develop your own programs and practices with feedback in an affirming and collegial environment.

  • Identify the differences between trans youth’s gender development as compared to their caregivers and how this impacts gender affirming treatment.
  • Describe 3 approaches for joining with reluctant parents who are struggling with their child’s gender identity or expression
  • Describe the impact of minority stress, trauma, and media messages on gender-diverse people and their families
  • Differentiate gender incongruence from minority stress, trauma, and common co-occurring diagnoses
  • Evaluate the presence and impact of gender dysphoria/incongruence, the medical necessity for treatment, and the capacity to give informed consent.
  • Evaluate clinical models and measures for cisnormative /heteronormative content and adjust language and techniques to be gender affirming.
  • Apply a culturally attuned, trauma-informed, gender affirmative model to address the impact of minority stress and trauma on gender-diverse people and their families
  • Apply culturally attuned, gender-affirmative, family-oriented approaches to the treatment of gender incongruence and common co-occurring diagnoses
  • Explain the impact of gender-related medical treatment on fertility, growth, sexuality, overall development, and how to discuss these issues with gender-diverse youth and their caregivers.
  • Describe the legal & ethical issues related to engaging in gender affirmative care, providing  gender health evaluations, and writing medical referral letters
  • Develop gender-affirming multidisciplinary teams to address the needs of gender-diverse clients and their families
  • Apply the most recent WPATH Standards of Care and competencies when treating & evaluating gender diverse clients and their families.

The GHTI Advanced Coaching and Mentorship Program provides the tools that you need to build a thriving gender affirmative practice and feel confident in your work with transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive clients and their families.

We will be meeting virtually in live private group coaching meetings twice a month (one training focused and one on consultation), where you will get to explore your personal gender journey,  improve your clinical skills, work on your cases, programs & projects, and get feedback from a group of colleagues you trust while getting CE’s and or mentorship hours. There are also two additional office hour meetings each month to enhance your learning and support, giving you live weekly access to the group.

We’ll also talk about marketing and business, how to develop your own programs, and a thriving practice while helping the trans community without exploiting them.

During that time, you’ll:

… have direct access to Dr. Shawn V. Giammattei – A WPATH GEI SOC7 Certified Mentor & GEI Faculty, a clinical family psychologist, and a member of the trans community.

… have an opportunity to ask questions and learn new skills based on your specific challenges

… have many opportunities to discuss difficult clinical cases

…have regular opportunities to explore the Standards of Care, new & old, as well as its usefulness and limitations

… have ongoing access to Dr. Shawn and the other members in the GHTI Advanced Coaching and Mentorship group in a private, nurturing, and supportive environment

…and ongoing access to digital courses and trainings

…hear from guest speakers on special topics

(Brief answer… Self-of-the-therapist issues and navigating your own gender journeys, Beyond Gender 101, Social, Medical, Legal Transitions, Intersecting Identitites, Diagnostic Complexities, Beyond Dysphoria, Trauma Informed Care, Medical Readiness Letters, Insurance Companies, Complex Family Dynamics & Trans Family Therapy, Dismissive Parents or Partners, Trans Couple/Partner Therapy, Polyamory/Non-monagomy, Deconstructing & Integrating Different Models of Therapy, And Much, Much More…)

There will be trainings that cover both child/adolescent & family as well as adults/couples/partnerships & families.  Regardless of your focus, there will be regular trainings on both adults and kids and private space to discuss the issues pertinent to each group.

This program is systemically focused

This level of training and experience would normally would cost upwards of $30,000

But I’m making this available for just $2,700 biannually. That’s the equivalent of $450 a per month, which is a little more than the cost of hiring me for an hour consultation, and you get so much more.

There are also other payment options if one large payment is a bit steep. To make this program even more accessible there are partial scholarships available for trans providers, BIPOC providers, and those in need.

Yes, to attend live you will need a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access, a camera and microphone.  We will be meeting in a HIPAA Compliant Zoom room.

Our private group and video/resource library will be housed on a secure online site and will require a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

All good! All meetings will be recorded. And you don’t need any special tech to view them. My course learning management platform and membership site is viewable in any web browser. They also have an online app if you want to watch or listen on the go. To access the CEs for the 6 month program, you will have to be in attendance for a full 15 hours of training.

You can watch the replay at any time. You can also comment below the videos if you need clarification on a concept even after the replay is over. You’ll have access to all content, even after the price goes up for new participants, and as long as you are a current member of the program, as we add material, you’ll also have access to all the new items.

If you purchased a VIP advanced training you will have lifetime continued access to the course or workshop, even if you leave the coaching program. As a current member, you will get ongoing access to updates.

Yes! The Coaching and Mentorship Program has a dedicated Private Membership group for you to get real-time feedback on challenging cases or sessions. You have access to the membership site for the duration of your time in the Program. You’ll be able to post and comment freely during that time. You will also have lifetime access to a Group for Alumni, so even if you leave the program, you’ll always have access to the Alumni group and all the posted materials there.

Of course. If you attend the first month and decide it’s not right for you, then a full refund is issued. After 30 days we cannot give a refund, but you’ll retain access to the materials made available while you were in the program.

Yes, you can quit the program at anytime and still have access to the Alumni group, and anything you additionally purchased & your bonuses. If you paid biannually, unless you quit in the first 30 days, your access to live coaching and updated material ends at the end of your subscription.

The Advanced Coaching and Mentorship Program is an ongoing group, so the beginning and end date of your 6 month program depends on you and when you feel you have received all you need from the program and the group.

There is the potential for 4 live meetings monthly: the 1st Friday (90 min), Consultation & Mentorship; the 2nd Friday (60 min), the Advanced Mastermind; the 3rd Saturday (60 min); Foundations/Office Hours; the 4th Monday (60 min), the Coaching Hour – didactic training session

The trainings, office hours and private groups will be maintained as long as the program runs.

This is for therapists, counselors, psychologists, clergy, and experienced, certified coaches, Interns and graduate students who are seeing or hope to see transgender children, youth, adults, and their families in therapy. It is also for more advanced gender providers who want to take the conversations deeper and/or are looking to develop their own programs.

This is not for those who work closely with transgender people in a supportive way but are not therapists (teachers, nurses, adoption counselors, peer counselors). While it might be relevant to educators, medical providers, etc., the focus of this program is dedicated to mental health providers and coaches.

This Program is not appropriate for those who have not completed some graduate coursework in couples and family therapy and psychopathology. Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions prior to joining. We want you to be successful and can point you in the right direction even if this isn’t a good fit.


The live training portions (didactic and conslutation) of this program are available for CE’s for most LPC, MFT, LCSW, Psychologist, licenses across the country. Check with us or your licensing board if there is a question.

The Gender Health Training Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Gender Health Training Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

This program qualifies for WPATH Mentorship hours toward Certification and advanced training to maintain your WPATH Certification. For those seeking WPATH Mentorship hours or Certification CEs all 4 live meetings qualify.

CE’s for digital courses are also available.

Are there any bonuses you’ve added?


You will get Lifetime Access to Tons of Resources, Trainings & Gender Affirming Colleagues

As a Member of this Coaching/Mentorship program you will get extra goodies…


Lifetime access to the Digital Gender Health Evaluation VIP Workshop and Letter Writing Resources.

($1,497 value – Free)


24/7 access to the digital versions of any Advanced Live VIP course available to you while you are in the program

($4500+ value – Free)


50% off private coaching calls with Shawn

($200 value)


Lifetime Access to the Private Group for Alumni of the program.

What Members Say

FREAKING AWESOME. Community. Connection. Helping with confidence. I have met some great folks in here that I consider good colleagues and friends. A great place to learn, have community, and gain confidence in your practice in doing gender-affirming care with adults, kids, and families.

Trisha Wallis, LMFT

This is an incredible resource for helping clinicians have access to knowledge about working with trans and gender diverse/fluid individuals and their families. There is a supportive community of clinicians from around the country and we deal with all issues related to trans and gender diverse people including the whole developmental spectrum and political issues.

Beth Mikesell, LMFT

Being part of the GHTI Advanced Coaching & Mentoring Program community was incredibly helpful for my work with clients. Having the ability to consult with and learn from heart-centered clinicians invested in providing top-notch care for trans and gender diverse clients was exactly what I needed. It is a great space for both new learners and clinicians who have been in the field for years.

Rebecca Stinson, PhD, ABPP

This has been an awesome experience for me. The Gender Health Institute is a community that is flexible to the needs of its members. It combines the best aspects of a growing database of information along with access to immediate expert consultation. Because Dr. Giammattei is willing to build the program for the needs of the participants, the program is an evolving menu of learning opportunities. It is both a product that has been created, as well as an emerging experience that participants co-create with its founder. The platform provides a journey for members at all levels of expertise, (from beginning to expert), and this is certainly one of its strengths. This immersive learning opportunity is a must for any practitioner interested in stepping up their understanding of gender-related services. The Gender Health Training Institute has been the most important training opportunity in my journey to increasing confidence in my practice. If you have ever felt alone in this work, this training opportunity is the cure. For a great combination of intellectual stimulation, inspiring encouragement, practical answers, and enjoyable social exchange, I highly recommend The Gender Health Training Institute.

Danial Sturgill, Ph.D., Fargo, ND

As a transgender psychologist from Australia the Gender Health Institute gives me a safe place to be able to learn and collaborate with other health and allied health professions who work with the trans community. GHTI acknowledged and valued my lived experience. Shawn creates a space which welcomes those new to providing gender affirming care opportunities to learn and develop their skills. The group is one of the most supportive groups that I have had the pleasure to be a part of.

Emerson Osterberg
Clinical, Educational and Developmental Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical), MPsych (Educational and Developmental)

Coaching and Mentorship

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