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TransFamily Alliance supports parents from all backgrounds and holds as part of its mission a full commitment to be supportive and accountable to issues of diversity. We welcome all parents regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style, and background to our community and believe that our backgrounds bring a richness to our community. We support BIPOC parents and the Black Lives Matter movement. If any of us suffer, we all suffer.
All Black Lives Matter!

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Hello There!

I’m Shawn Giammattei from the Gender Health Training Institute and the humble servant of the TransFamily Alliance.

Wondering who is this guy?

Well, I’m a clinical family psychologist, researcher, and a gender specialist who has helped hundreds of parents like you raising transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive youth on their own gender journeys and I am also super passionate about helping parents and families in general. For the past few years I’ve been grappling with how to better serve you in this process.

Here’s the backstory

For the past few years, I’ve been getting private messages from parents raising transgender and gender diverse children, many of whom I have worked with, asking…

“Is there a way you can start a group for parents?”
“How can I get connected to a community of parents who know what I am going through?”

Others have asked, “how do I find resources and accurate information about how to navigate all of this and make sure my kid is safe?”

There have also been two ongoing issues for parents that I couldn’t figure out how to resolve.

The first is the issue of long waitlists, where for families have had to wait months and sometimes years to be seen by a qualified therapist.

The other has been the costs for parents who may be stretched financially.

Several of you have shared, “I just can’t afford therapy for my kid and myself at the same time.”

To be honest, in many cases, I don’t think parents need “therapy,” they need support and resources.

And more often than not, they need this from other parents who have walked in their shoes.

Prior to this, I had never considered creating a space for our community to stay connected and grow together on demand throughout the month, the year, and beyond. Truthfully, I was sure I didn’t have the time or resources to create a physical space like this.

Of course, it’s something I have wanted to be able to provide. Yes, I had thought of creating a monthly support group meetings, but that was different, limiting, and still cost prohibitive for some.

But the more questions I got like these, the more my wheels began turning, especially with all the changes in social connection since COVID hit.

I started to see a place where you could…

connect with other parents raising transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive children


a place where you could find accurate education and resources for parenting your transgender or gender expansive children

and even…

ongoing support groups designed to meet your needs and your process, wherever you are in this journey.

Why Is This Helpful to You?

I know parents are often forgotten in this process, as much of the focus is understandably centered on your kids. Yet, we are all on a gender journey, and the process of becoming a gender affirming parent is its own unique path and can often be very stressful even in the best circumstances.

You likely started your own journey with lots of confusion, fear, and doubt or this may be where you find yourself now. You may have even experienced periods of loss or grief. And if you’re like most moms on this path, you’ve experienced lots of pressure to make decisions quickly that you don’t or didn’t feel prepared to make or pushed against your beliefs.

Many moms ask… 

~How do I know this is real?
~How do I know what is right for my child?
~What if I can’t protect my child?
~Will anyone ever love my child?
~What will their future be?
~What did I do wrong?
~I support my child, so why do I feel so sad?

Can you relate?

That’s a bunch of stress to hold, especially if your spouse or other family members are in different places on their journey.

You have to manage all of this and get up to speed quickly, while your child is impatiently asking for changes because they are way down the road on their gender journey and struggling.

You may be feeling, or felt in the beginning, that you’re all alone in this or maybe you’ve been on this journey awhile and still feel alone and overwhelmed.

The good new is that eventually, with support, resources, and time you can find a place on this journey where you have a sense of confidence…both in your skills and the decisions you make around parenting and protecting your trans child, as well as gaining clarity about options, treatments and the best approach for your child and your family.

Most moms I’ve spoken with who’ve been on this journey for awhile have told me that having the support of other parents who have been in their shoes and having a place where they could find accurate information was a lifesaver.

So, I set out to build a community in collaboration with moms like you, incorporating both their wisdom and key questions along with the vast amount of resources, connections, and experience I have, to support you on a journey from confusion & fear to clarity & confidence.

Even if you’ve been on this journey for quite some time and found the clarity you need, the world is always throwing crap our way, and I for one, always appreciate having folks to run concerns by…or just learn from listening to others in a similar boat.

We’re truly better together!

Over the last few months, we have been building a vibrant community and repository of resources designed to meet your needs, that is there when you need it, and supports you on your own gender journey, wherever you find yourself on the path.

I am so excited by this group, what we have created and can’t wait to share it with you!

Here’s my thoughts & approach 

This is your community!

I will continue to build it, maintain it, and bring you what you want and need on your own journey.

Here is some of what you will have available to you if you join us…

    •  A 24/7, private, nonjudgmental, community made up ONLY of parents/caregivers of trans or gender non-binary youth (and some gender affirming support staff).
    • Live virtual support meetings – private, secure, and geared towards your needs.
    • A central location for professionally curated, accurate resources.
    • Interviews with experts on topics you want to know more about.
    • The ability to network with parents all over the world, as well as easily connect with parents who are nearby.
    • Parent run live chat groups, private messaging, and threaded discussions.
    • Private, Secure, Ad Free Easy to Use Interface.
    • Android or IOS app so you don’t need a computer to stay connected.

And Much, Much, More…

Some of What You Will Discover

Together we will explore the 6 Phases & Milestones of the TransFamily Gender Journey and the Steps to Gender Affirmative Parenting

First of all you will discover that you are not alone in all of this no matter where you are on your journey.

The gender journey for a parent follows a path that usually starts with a lot of fear and confusion. As you work your way through this first phase, which may involve some denial and bargaining, you find yourself squarely faced with the reality that your child is dealing with significant gender stuff and needs your help to navigate it. If in this process you realize your child is trans, non-binary, or gender expansive, you quickly set out on a quest to find accurate information about what to do to help your child and to figure out if this is even something you need to deal with. You are confronted with a lot of differing opinions, most of which are not backed by data or science. Confusion settles in and you feel lost and alone.

What we want you to know is that there are other parents here ready to support you and help you as you find your way. We have been there and are finding our way to confidence & clarity. Not only will you find the support you need, we have also taken the time to keep you up to date with the latest information we have on trans and family health.

As you master your own Gender Journey as a parent, you will discover…

A deeper level of Gender Awareness allowing you to find …

    • The tools to gain clarity about your child’s authentic gender.
    • How to let go or any denial, anger, and bargaining and work through beliefs that make it hard to understand your child’s experience.
    • how to let go of blame and feeling responsible for your child’s gender or expression.

The resources you need to be Gender Informed allowing you to…

    • Gain clarity about the construct and basics of gender, gender identity, and gender expression.
    • Understand the development of gender, gender identity, and the experience of gender Dysphoria as it appears for your child.
    • Clearly know the process of social, medical, and legal transitions.
    • Know where to find accurate and up-to-date information. 
    • Better understand the influence on your child of issues like depression, social anxiety, OCD, etc.

Your own path to Gender Healing which allows you to…

    • Know where to find support from other parents of trans youth, professionals, and the transgender community and accept it.
    • Develop a personal awareness and understanding of your own gender development and how that influences your parenting.
    • Increase your awareness of the influence of your culture and community on your ideas around gender.
    • Experience an inner resilience as as you reconcile feelings of fear, grief & loss.

How to make the best Transition Decisions for your child and family by…

    • Understanding the process of social transitions and how they relate to your child’s and family’s needs.
    • Understanding what medical transitions are, what’s available, and how they relate to your child’s and family’s needs.
    • Understanding legal transitions, if and why they may be necessary, and how these relate to your child’s and family’s needs.
    • Knowing how and when to work with insurance companies, based on your location and the needs of your child.

How to navigate the process of Coming Out as a family through…

    • Open communication with your child.
    • Acceptance and understanding of your child’s gender and their gender journey.
    • Knowing how to tell other’s about your child’s gender and your role as a parent of a trans/gender divers child.
    • Knowing when to share about your child’s gender and your role as a parent.

Your inner Gender Warrior as you build skills to…

    • Advocate for your child and family at school, with extended family, medical providers, and places of worship.
    • Understand and help manage the intersections of identity for your child, including neurodiversity, differing ability, sexuality, etc. 
    • Protect yourself, your child, and family from bullies.
    • Launch your trans/non-binary child when the time is right.
    • Advocate for trans youth and the trans community on legal and policy levels.

And so much more!

How much does it cost?

Many parents of trans youth have spent over $300 monthly…that’s $3000 to $5000 a year… on therapy, support groups, and attending conferences to access all of this and rarely in a time frame that works for them.  

One 30 minute consultation with a medical or legal expert can costs hundreds of dollars.

The live support and direct access you get to me each month is worth well over $900. 


While the TransFamily Alliance is certainly not a replacement for therapy… I believe that most parents don’t need therapy, they need support and resources.

If you add it all up this would cost you around $1200 a month, but the TransFamily Alliance is here to help you with all of this for a fraction of the price.

If you do need the help of a therapist, having access to these resources can only enhance your work, and allow you to really hone in on what is most important in your sessions, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in the long run.

Come join us as a new member and your price will be $24.99 for a single parent/caregiver
or $34.99 a month (for 2 caregivers).

This is 98% off what you would usually spend and offers you so much more and on your own time frame!

You’ll get the support and resources you need, when you need them, and wherever you are on your journey.

Here’s the best part though…

If you join us now not only will your price be 98% off what you would normally pay for all of this, but you’ll be locked into that price for as long as you remain a member, even if the price goes up.

Another option is join with an annual membership, at $249.99 or $349.99, which gives you an extra two months free.

As a member of the TransFamily Alliance you get access to all the network resources, private groups, including all professional trainings and expert interviews for free, as well as anything new we add in the future…

Everything on entire site for as long as you stay a member.

Click the link below and join us!

Just $24.99 per month for an individual caregiver
or $34.99 per Month/ for 2 caregivers
SAVE 97%!

Here’s what’s going to happen next…

Your next Steps:
1) Click the button to join below.  

    • While you can do this on your phone, it is easier on a browser.

2) Select your plan (either monthly or annual) & enter your payment information

    • it may default to annual, just click the toggle switch to monthly if that is the plan you want.

3)  You will then be redirected to the TransFamily Alliance Network where you be asked to enter your name and a profile picture (you can do this later, but please don’t forget) 

4) You will also be added to our email list and should receive a confirmation email 

5) That’s about it…after joining, you will have access to all the TransFamily Alliance content and connections.

Are There Bonuses?


Bonus # 1…  The Gender 101 Workshop for Parents

  • This interactive workshop explores the biological/psychological constructs of sex, gender, and sexuality. You will discover the terminology every parent should know, how to explore these concepts with your child, and what to avoid. Media and cultural narratives are uncovered with an understanding of how these messages impact you, your family, and your child. We will also cover the basics of Gender Dysphoria, types of transitions, and models of addressing these that are commonly used.  ~ (A $40 value – Free)

Bonus #2… Transgender Identity Development Workshop for Parents

  •  This interactive and experiential workshop explores in depth the developmental experience of Trans, non-binary, and Gender Diverse children, youth, and their families.  It helps parents understand their child’s experience of growing up and navigating “normal” developmental processes like puberty, school, dating, work, peers, etc. and the different experiences that being gender diverse add to the mix. ~ (a $80 value – Free)

$24.99 (Ind) / $34.99 (plus 1) a month or get two months free and pay $249.99 / $349.99 for the year and stay locked in at that price as long as you stay a member, even when the price goes up.

What You Can Expect

A Community that will support you on your Gender Journey from Confusion Fear to Clarity & Confidence as the Parent of a Trans, Non-Binary, or Gender Expansive Child.

The TransFamily Alliance Membership Community…

…will meet you exactly where you are in your own gender journey

    • Monthly themes and weekly content are designed to answer your burning questions
    • Access immediate support and resources from parents who are also on this journey
    • Enjoy content, events, and exercises based on where you are on your own gender journey and the unique journey of your child
    • Discover and build relationships alongside other moms in the same position as you or possibly further along on their journey 

… help you uncover your own gender journey and moves you to the next step as a gender affirming parent

    • You will have the opportunity to explore key self-discovery work necessary to be the best parent and advocate for your trans child
    • explore how your own history and biases both enhance and get in the way of your parenting
    • and understand how your own history, culture, and gender stories impact your own experience of parenting a trans child and how to reconcile conflicts.

… will expand your knowledge far beyond the basics of gender

    • You will be able to experientially dive deeper into your understandings of gender, gender identity, gender incongruence and more.
    • You will know what the differences are between social, medical and legal transitions
    • And understand yours and your child’s options around blockers, hormones, and surgeries – are these necessary and when do you need to think about these things?

… will improve your parenting and advocacy skills

    • know exactly what to ask to find the right providers for your child, your family and yourself.
    • know what your child’s and your parental rights are
    • know when it is okay to slow down and when you need to speed up
    • knowing what is gender related and what is behavior that needs to be addressed and changed

… will provide exploration and support for some of your more complicated situations

    • Explores how to manage dismissive family members
    • Co-parenting a gender diverse or trans child
    • Distinguishing between gender dysphoria, gender noise, and other co-occurring issues when things are not straight forward
    • Understanding trauma and how this is expressed in the trans community
    • helping your child manage the intersections of gender & neurodiversity
    • how to recognize and where to find help when faced with serious health and safety issues

… is interactive and accessible when you need it, at your own speed, and in your own time frame

    • Access the materials, resources, worshops, and get answers when you need them
    • Ask questions anytime and get prompt feedback

… allows you to connect with other parents who are walking in your shoes as well as experts in the field of trans health and advocacy.

    • You will have regular access Dr. Shawn Giammattei a seasoned clinician, educator, researcher, and expert in the field, who is also a member of the trans community 
    • You will have access to interviews with top experts in trans health where you can ask your burning questions. 
    • Dr. Shawn will also bring you content that is both scientifically sound as well as personal. He will help you decipher data, explore your own journey, discover what is accurate, and be readily available to answer any questions.

… an easy to use private interface that is accessible by computer, tablet, or phone

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

The TransFamily Alliance provides the tools and resources that you need to navigate your gender affirming journey as the parent or caregiver of a trans, non-binary, or gender expansive child, adolescent, or adult with the support of other parents and caregivers like you.  Unlike support groups, you will have access to the community 24/7.  Parents in the TransFamily Alliance currently have children ranging in age from 4 to 30 years old.  While parents in the community may live in different regions of the U.S., Canada, and Abroad, you will also be able to easily connect with parents nearby.

The platform that the TransFamily Alliance uses works a lot like Facebook, but it is private and there are no advertisements or bots following you around. So if you know how to post on Facebook and manage notifications, then you know how to interact with the community. If you don’t, there are tutorial videos to show you around, and you can always message a host for help.

When logged in as a member you’ll…

… have easy access to Dr. Shawn Giammattei and other parents in a private, nurturing and supportive environment

… be able to ask questions, share articles and resources, and start discussions with everyone on the network

…follow the topics that interest you and ignore the ones that don’t

…hear from and ask questions of guest speakers who are experts on special topics 

…have first access as well as continued access to live & digital workshops, trainings, and recordings of expert interviews.

…enjoy live and recorded events like movie nights where we watch relevant documentaries together and discuss them

…start live chat sessions with other parents

…privately message anyone in the community

…access live monthly support meetings with other moms like you

What is covered?

(Brief answer… Whatever topics you want to discuss and want support around we will cover. We will have content that is specific to navigating the TransFamily Gender Journey helping you move from confusion, fear, and doubt to clarity & confidence:  developing Gender Awareness, becoming Gender Informed, supporting Gender Healing, making Transition Decisions, supporting the process of Coming Out, becoming a Gender Warrior…And Much, Much more…)

How much does this cost?

To access a community like this and all the resources and expertise normally would cost around $1200 monthly and upwards of $3,000 – $24,000 annually. But accessing all of this as a member of the TransFamily Alliance is available at a whopping 97% savings of just $34.99 a month or $349.99 annually and to make it even better that amount covers two parents or caregivers in a household.  If you’re flying solo you there is an individual option of $24.99 a month or $249.99 annually.

Since the community and events are virtual, will I need any special technology to attend meetings or access the community?

Yes, to attend live events you will need a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access, a camera and microphone. We will be meeting in a HIPAA Compliant Zoom Meeting Room.  Support meetings may also use breakout rooms. 

To access the TransFamily Alliance Community Network, Private Groups, and Workshops, you will need a computer, tablet , or phone with internet access. To access the network on a phone or tablet you also have the option of downloading the app.

What if I can’t attend a live event in person or I miss a meeting?

Other than support group meetings, no problem. All other meetings, events, workshops, and interviews will be recorded. And you don’t need any special tech to view them. Our recordings are housed on a platform has a powerful search engine and is viewable on any web browser and on any device. And of course we also have an online app if you want to watch or listen on the go.  

Can I watch the recordings if I can’t attend an event live? How long will I have access?

You can watch the replay of any recorded content at any time. You will be able also comment below the videos if you need clarification on a concept even after the replay is over. You can join or start discussions about the recordings at anytime. You’ll have access to all content as long as you are a member, even after the price goes up for new members. Also, as long as you are a member of the program, as we add material, you will have access to the new items.

Will it have a private group where I can get support?

Yes! The TransFamily Alliance gives you access to a private community and we will also have private support group meetings that are not recorded. In our group you can get real-time feedback on challenging situations or bring up topics for support. You can also set up private conversations with other members. You always have access to the group for as long as you are a member. You’ll be able to post and comment freely. 

Are refunds available if I’m not happy with the program?

Of course. If you attend and participate for the first month and decide it’s not right for you, then a full refund is issued for annual memberships. After 30 days we cannot give a refund, but you’ll retain access to the network and materials made available until your membership ends. For monthly memberships you can end your subscription at anytime and you’ll have access for the month you paid for.

Can I end my membership without penalty?

Yes, you can quit your monthly membership at anytime.  If you paid annually, unless you quit in the first 30 days, your access to the groups, live meetings, and updated material would end at the end of your year.

When does it start and end?

The TransFamily Alliance is an ongoing group, so the end date depends on you and when you feel you have received all you need from the community and the resources. We will have quarterly Introductory, Welcome meetings for new members to help you navigate the site, but you will have access to the whole community and all the resources as soon as you join.  The day and time for the welcome meeting will be announced in the “Getting Started” area of the network.

Who is this for (and not for)?

The TransFamily Alliance is for all moms, dads, parents, caregivers, grandparents and anyone who is raising or helping to raise and/or support a transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive child, adolescent or adult.  

This community is not for professionals, teachers, therapists, doctors, or those who work closely with transgender people in a supportive way but are not in a caregiving role. While the content and community might be relevant to therapists, educators, medical providers, etc., the focus of this community is dedicated solely to supporting parents and caregivers.  Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions prior to joining. We want you to be supported and can point you in the right direction even if this isn’t a good fit.

What Members are Saying

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Join Us As We Support You on Your Gender Journey From Confusion & Fear to Clarity & Confidence Raising and/or Supporting Your Transgender, Non-Binary, or Gender Expansive Child.

Still have questions?

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Valued At Over $1200 monthly
Just $24.99 (Ind) – $34.99 (for 2) per Month
That’s 97% off!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel your membership at anytime and continue to enjoy the benefits for duration of your paid membership. If you paid for an annual membership and participated but found the group is not right your you,  you can get a full refund in the first 30 days.  After 30 days, we cannot give a refund, but you’ll retain access to the entire network until your membership ends.

*DISCLAIMER: even though I am a psychologist, this is not a therapy group and this community would in no way be a replacement for therapy. If you do need extra help and you don’t already have someone you work with you should find a gender affirming professional to help you out. This is simply an additional resource and community to support you, it is not therapy.